Worldwide Terror List Integrated Geospacial Interface

The Global Assessment of Active Terrorist Organisations

The Worldwide Terror List – Integrated Geospatial Interface is a multipurpose tool, tailored to the specific needs of several fields of academia, media organizations, relief agencies, security professionals and more. It contains thousands of pieces of data on all active terrorist organizations.

The Worldwide Terror List – Integrated Geospatial Interface is designed to serve as the ultimate tool for security experts, researchers, academics, university students, journalists and other professionals who need to be well-informed on modern day terrorism.

The Worldwide Terror List – Integrated Geospatial Interface is a web-based geospatial database containing verified information on all terrorist organizations that are active around the globe.

The unparalleled database is presented via an interactive, geospatial interface with embedded advanced search, filtering and visualization options. The detailed information coupled with all the relevant tools and other advanced features provide all the tools necessary for more detailed assessments, advanced research or reporting.

The Worldwide Terror List – Integrated Geospatial Interface, an unprecedented effort by the Athena Institute, provides experts and professionals with data on more than 140 terrorist organizations globally, containing verified geographical information on headquarters and areas of operations, presented via a state of the art geospatial interface that lets you filter for specific groups based on more than 20 pieces of data, enabling you to compare groups in an unparalleled way. Moreover, the visualization tools embedded in WTL-IGI make it easier to display parallels and differences between the areas of operations of all groups in the database, countries most affected by terrorist activity, regions plagued by subnational armed groups and more.

That is why The Worldwide Terror List – Integrated Geospatial Interface, a unique tool for terrorism research and risk assessment, is an essential cornerstone for security professionals, government agencies, journalists, corporations and academic researchers with a general or specific interest in modern day terrorism.

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